About Us

We consider ourselves very lucky by living in Çanakkale which amazes people with the blue of the sea ,
with the green of the hills, with the warm people and with its delicious cuisine.

Even we were far away, we have missed and lived with its memory. How to get back was always one of our main topics.

We had two choices, those days. Thinking of or realizing our dream, and we chose the latter living our dream...

For that dream, we settled down in one of the best part of Çanakkale, in Assos, and started to meet you.

We always think about how to make our guests’ one week holiday better thanks to insights that I got while I used to work at Istanbul.

We think of every dream that I had while working full time and what I would plan to do in those busy days.

We aimed to meet the people in their happiest day, to meet happy people every day, to make them more happy in their
vacation and to get happy by making them happy.

We formed a team to consider you as a “guest”, not as a “customer”, to offer you a perfect vacation and to assure
you that you are not going to get any “no”s. As a family, we are trying to make and let you
fell at home with our warm atmosphere and amateur spirit.

Make sure that we are waiting for you as a team who understand you and know what you want and eager to learn what you wish, to host you.
And looking forward to meeting you!

Limonata Boutique Hotel Team