Our Hotel

We, as Limonata Boutique Hotel, are located on one of the most charming bays of Assos which
is known as the center of peace and calm.

Our hotel is the only one on Sazak Bay lying parallel to Kadırga Bay, down from Büyükhusun Village.
Being only 6 km far from Assos provides both isolation from the crowd, especially during summer, and easiness in reaching a lively town.

We will enjoy hosting you in our 14 adorable rooms with our exclusive beach and pier, thanks to being the only
hotel on the bay, in addition to all the delicious Aegean food which we prepare with olive oil produced by ourselves in Mount Ida

You will relieve the stress of all the year in such an atmosphere that you can feel the happiness and peace in a refreshing
lemonade taste with the help of an amazing sea and oxygen rich air. You will leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and join our cozy and warm family hotel while we are trying our best to make you feel at home.

We are serving our guests for 12 months. While you can enjoy the sea and the Sun during summer, you can read your book and
watch the fireplace in a cold winter day.